Comprehensive Health Check Up Senior Male

92+ Tests covering Iron Studies, Vitamis (VIT D+ VitB12), Hba1c, Liver Profile, Kidney Profile, Lipid(Cholesterol/Heart) Profile, Glucose Fasting for Diabetes, Complete Blood Count with ESR, Thyroid Profile and Urine Analysis, PSA, homocystien, CRP, HsCRP, RA Factor

Parameters 97
Reporting Time 24 Hrs
Fasting Time 12 Hrs

Comprehensive Health Check Up ?

Comprehensive Health Check Up Preventive package is design for persons to Screen lifestyle base disease in advance.

₹ 2799 ₹ 9540

Test Details

Thyroid Profile- Total 3

Liver Function Test-Extended 12

Kidney Function Test with Electrolytes-Extended 11

Lipid(Cholesterol) Profile Basic 9

Urine Analysis(Urine R/M) 20

Complete Blood Count(CBC ESR) -Hemogram 29

Diabetes Profile(F)-Mini 3

Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 2

Iron Profile-Iron TIBC & transferrin saturation 3

CRP (C Reactive Protein) - Quantitative 1

Rheumatoid Arthritis RA Factor 1

HsCRP High Sensitivity CRP 1

PSA-total Prostate Specific Antigen total 1

Homocysteine 1


General :

10-12 Hrs Fasting Should be maintained before giving the sample for this preventive package Comprehensive Health Check Up

After the Test :

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