Leptin Blood Test for obesity

Leptin is a vital hormone signaling factor regulating body weight homeostasis and energy balance . It’sproduction is under neuro-endocrine control and the serum concentrations vary directly with theamount of triglycerides stored in fat depots. Most obese humans have increased leptinconcentrations . It is a gastrointestinal regulatory peptide that controls appetite.

Obesity is most commonly associated with elevated leptin levels. This is thought to be due to a resistance to leptin that is similar to the insulin resistance often seen with obesity. People who are affected are resistant to the action of leptin—they continue to experience hunger even after consuming sufficient food. The body continues to produce more leptin in an attempt to compensate and in response to the perceived hunger. However, about 10% of those who are obese are estimated to have some degree of leptin deficiency.

Why Get Tested?

When To Get Tested?

To determine if you have a leptin deficiency that is contributing to obesity; to identify increased leptin; on a research basis to help understand leptin's roles in the body and its ties to obesity

When a child has severe obesity that may be due to a very rare inherited leptin deficiency; sometimes to help evaluate obesity

Reporting Time 60 Hrs
Fasting Time 0 Hrs
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