Fever Package Basic with Typhi Dot Malarial Antigen

CBC, Complete Blood Count, ESR, Widal Slide, Urine R/M and Malaria Antigen+Thyphi dot IgM

Parameters 52
Reporting Time 24 Hrs
Fasting Time 0 Hrs

Why Fever Package Basic with Typhi Dot Malarial Antigen ?

With Fever Package Basic with Typhi Dot Malarial Antigen, you don't have to wait. it checks malaria antigen quickly and with early results, you can be cured ASAP

Also, if you are symptomatic to typhoid it checks whether you have current antibody IgM against it or not.

₹ 799 ₹ 1699


General :

Q: Is there any addiotional discount available?

A: you can always call Medizcare customer care no:  +919311452255, +919311462255, and ask to provide additional discounts.

After the Test :

You will recieve notification on mobile once the reports are completed and also share on your email.You can also download the reports from you login dashbord.

Add On Test

With Current Package you may select and add following packages also or even get more discounts.

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