MediZcare PCOD / PCOS tests Panel

It is a disease in which a woman has a number of small cysts in the ovaries causing enlarged ovaries. This condition affects a woman’s hormonal behaviour ( skip or irregular menstrual periods and makes it harder to get pregnant ) can cause infertility, diabetes, obesity. Females having PCOD Condition are also at high risk of developing complications during pregnancy period.

Parameters 36
Reporting Time 24 Hrs
Fasting Time 0 Hrs

MediZcare PCOD / PCOS tests Panel Reporting Time ?

you will get the reports in 24hrs of the day sample collected.

₹ 1499 ₹ 3499


General :

MediZcare PCOD Panel Profile  is generally done during 2nd day of Menstrual period of cycle to get the best results.

After the Test :

You can get MediZcare PCOD Panel Profile done even after having the meal.

Reporting time for this profile is 24hrs.

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